How We Work

Your part in the process:

  • With the abundance of style choices, some time spent looking through kitchen & bath magazines or books along with some page markers, can streamline the process of finding the style that is right for you.  Collect ideas and pictures and make lists of your favorite features. This is entirely optional, but very useful. Make another collection of what you don’t like. This tends to be the bigger pile and can be just as important. Some basic research will soon show you the vast variety of cabinetry & countertops available.   Our job is much like going to get your eyes checked,  we want you to get 20/20 vision.  The process is about discovering what you want and it is often similar to cycling through  the doctors multitude of lenses until its clear.
  • Our initial meeting can occur at our Showroom with a set of your plans or at your home where we can do on site measurements and initial layout.  At this time we will go through a detailed check list/ Wish list as well as a basic review of  what to look for in appliances & fixtures.  Have laptop, can travel.

Our part:

  • We design, sell and install quality cabinets and countertops. It’s a full time job.
  • We charge a design fee of $45.00 per hour for the time it takes to deliver a full set of drawings leading to an accurate estimate.  For most kitchens this ranges from $300 - $500 and is due upon receipt of the drawings. This amount is then shown as a credit on your estimate from us.  Should you decide to have us do your project there is essentially no charge for the above service.  If you decide to shop elsewhere, it at least helps cover some of the costs involved in our very careful design process and you now have a full set of drawings to work with.  We are not billing for the visits at your home or at our showroom, only for the actual drafting process.
  • A design that works must include careful consideration of all aspects of the building process:
  • Proper framing layout
  • Plumbing & fixtures
  • Lighting and Electric
  • Appliances
  • Floors, Walls & Ceilings
  • Windows and doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops and splashes
  • We’ll discuss your budget, your needs, your likes and dislikes (see above) and your style preferences.
  • We can then produce a detailed set of drawings to include 3D views of your project as well as floor plans and elevations.
  • The drawings will lead to an accurate estimate.
  • Then if there are any changes, it’s back to the drawing board. Let’s get it right!
  • When all is to your satisfaction, we will put together a contract that works for both of us.
  • After another on site measurement verification, we will place your cabinet order.
  • We take delivery of your cabinets at our warehouse, transfer to our trailers, deliver to your site and install. This process allows for more flexibility than a direct delivery via semi truck.
  • Our woodshop allows us to modify your cabinetry to give it that Custom look without the custom price. We offer in-house modifications and repairs that enable us to correct most problems in a timely manner.