Cabinetry & Hardware:

Cabinetry comes in many levels of quality, it is difficult to get a grasp on how much value you are getting for what you spend. If you think of all cabinetry on a scale from 1 – 10  with 1 being your BigBox off the shelf unfinished basic cabinet and 10 being very high-end custom:

Mid-Continent starts at about a 2 and tops out at about 5.5    Ultracraft starts at about 3.5 and tops out at 7.5

That 1 – 10 spread is in the neighborhood of 350%!! This means that a kitchen at Tier 1 for $5000 could turn into $17500 for Tier 10. Our custom work until 2004 was in the 8.5-9.5 range.

I have been called in to replace numerous cabinets from overseas in the past few years.  The client bought the vanity package with a countertop at a great price but within just a few years the finish started to disappear or disintegrate and or the drawers fell apart. I attempt to sell cabinetry that will stand the test of time. Our product lines start at a basic durable cabinet with a quality finish.

Along with your cabinetry purchase, I offer cabinet hardware from numerous vendors at wholesale and include the installation in our installation package. has an enormous selection.  At our showroom, we have displays for Top Knobs and Atlas.

Ultracraft Cabinetry out of Liberty North Carolina is our premier line.  I have been working with their products since 2004 and find their overall price/quality ratio to be the best when compared to custom cabinetry.  Their cabinets are built the way we were building custom back in the 90s in the frameless fashion.  Their finish process has a much lower sheen (gloss) than the majority of cabinetry on the market and is incredibly durable.  Coming from 20 years of custom work, I have found their product to be very close to a full custom line yet their pricing comes in below the custom tier.    Their cabinetry includes height, width and depth modifications at no upcharge in most cases. This gives us the freedom to design to your space, and with their Full Access frameless cabinet style, your storage needs can be maximized. We also have a full cabinet shop that allows us to customize and modify beyond the extent of what Ultracraft offers. This craftsman’s touch along with a professional installation makes our kitchens and baths stand a notch above the rest.


An excellent choice for engineered stone.  Incredible selection of colors.  Made in the USA.

Another engineered stone product.  Beautiful colors in a more limited selection.  The product is manufactured in Israel and the USA.

Engineered Stone by LG  Many of their colors are Made in the USA

In addition to some of the finest Granite slabs available in the state, Arizona tile offers it’s own line of quartz called Della Terra.   Keep in mind that all Quartz countertops are made to the same 93% quartz & 7% Polyester mix no matter where they are manufactured.  You can see this product along with all of the major granite products at their showroom in Albuquerque.


Silestone is manufactured by Cosentino, a company which began operations 7 decades years ago in Almeria, Spain. Although engineered quartz countertops are naturally bacteria-resistant, Silestone countertops go the extra mile in including Microban brand bacteriostatic protection