How We Work

Your part in the process:

  • We live in a world of abundant choice. I carry two cabinet lines with in excess of 250 door styles and 10,000 finish options.  There are probably over 1000 quartz counter top colors, with more every day.   The more you can show me  your likes/dislikes the easier I can get you to that dream kitchen you’ve been thinking about for years.  I recommend spending some time on a site such as  Put together your own collection of photos that show both what you love and what turns you off.  This is entirely optional, but very useful. Some basic research will soon show you the vast variety of cabinetry & counter tops available.  Show me that tile you love, the storage ideas you could use, the flooring, the paint etc.   Our job is much like going to get your eyes checked,  we want you to get 20/20 vision.  The process is about discovering what you want and it is often similar to cycling through  the optometrists multitude of lenses until it is clear.  It is easy for me to give you what I like. If you want me to, I will.  I enjoy the challenge of building that image you’ve had in your head into reality.
  • Our initial meeting can occur at our Showroom with a set of your plans or at your home where we can do on site measurements and initial layout.  At this time we will go through a detailed check list/ Wish list as well as a basic review of  some of the key decisions I will need to help drive the design.  Have laptop, can travel.
  • Before I can design/draw, I will need a general idea of the appliances/fixtures you are thinking of. Are you going in the direction of a double oven/cooktop or a freestanding range?  A walkin shower or a freestanding tub?

Our part:

  • We design, sell and install quality cabinets and counter tops. The process requires clear communication with numerous contractors to see that the job runs smoothly.  As needed, John will meet with these contractors as well as be another “set of eyes” to see that items are getting placed properly.
  • We charge a design fee of $55.00 per hour for the time it takes to deliver a full set of drawings leading to an accurate estimate.  For most kitchens this ranges from $300 – $600 and is due upon receipt of the drawings. This amount is then shown as a credit on your estimate from us.  Should you decide to have us do your project there is essentially no charge for the above service.  If you decide to shop elsewhere, it at least helps cover some of the costs involved in our very careful design process and you now have a full set of drawings to work with.  We are not billing for the visits at your home or at our showroom, only for the actual drafting process.
  •  In this age of too many choices, it is not possible to get accurate estimates from general contractors without accurate drawings and a detailed list of the materials you plan on using.
  • We also offer project management and interior design services that can include additional detailing:
    •  We can provide 3D drawings of any interior area of your house and help you develop ideas for updating the space to your current and future life needs.
    •  We can also populate these drawings with furnishings to help you decide how to best use the space.
    • For remodels, a thorough time based outline can be of great help to assure that we are covering all of your needs. This outline also includes the development of a “shopping list”.  When getting bids from contractors, the more thorough your plan, the more accurate your quote can be.
    • Detailed lighting floorplans for your electrician, tile layouts etc.
    • Additional architectural detailing.
  • A great kitchen or bath design that works must include careful consideration of all aspects of the building process.  As your designer, I have 35 years of in the field building experience.
  • Proper framing layout
  • Plumbing & fixtures
  • Lighting and Electric
  • Appliances
  • Floors, Walls & Ceilings
  • Windows and doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops and splashes
  • We will discuss your budget, your needs, your likes and dislikes (see above) and your style preferences.
  • We can then produce a detailed set of drawings to include 3D views of your project as well as floor plans and elevations.
  • These drawings will be based on the basic ergonomics of the space as well as the ideas we have developed together.
  • Once we see if the general design can fit your budget, we can tear it apart and redesign it until we get it right.
  • When all is to your satisfaction, we will put together a contract that works for both of us.
  • After another on site measurement verification, we will place your cabinet order. Ultracraft takes 4-5 weeks for delivery, Mid Continent about 3 weeks.
  • We take delivery of your cabinets at our warehouse & store them until the site is ready; then we deliver in our own trailer when you are ready for installation. This process allows for more flexibility than a direct delivery via semi truck.
  • Our woodshop allows us to modify your cabinetry to give it that Custom look without the custom price. We offer in-house modifications and repairs that enable us to correct most problems in a timely manner.

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